15 authors that left an impression in my life.

1. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - Kathleen's Shanna was the first romance I ever read. My senior literature teacher Mrs. Kay Deluise let me borrow it. mom was shocked when I told her she had to read it to me for a class assignment.
2. Sherrlyn Kenyon I cut my muse's teeth writing Dark-Hunter fan-fiction. I owe MamaLo (Lodeen Smith) so many thank yous for all of her time and encouragement.
3. Ann Peach (Besides her association with Romantic Times Book Review she was a ghost writer for NY times bestsellers.) She inspired me by saying, "Talent is a natural gift. Craft is learned technique. Melissa you can tell a great story. Now learn how to write one."
4. Dean Koontz - a fantastic author. He holds a special place for me because once-upon-a-time in Germany my gf Dana used to read me all of his stories. Shiver.
5. Lori Foster - not only is she a wonderful story teller but she's a generous lady with her time and knowledge.
6. Judy Blume - a childhood/preteen favorite.
7. Catherine Anderson - showed the world that people who live with challenges can be whole, happy, and productive individuals. :)
8. Maggie Shayne's vampire Twilight series in Silhouette Shadow stories turned me onto paranormal worlds.
9. LaVyrle Spencer - I loved every story she wrote. I mourned when she retired from writing.
10. Robin Schone - through reading her romances I learned a single word can be sensual.
11. Dante Alighieri - Dante's Inferno...assigned college reading that left a lasting impression.
12. Julie Garwood's Honor's Splendor taught me a alpha hero doesn't have to be a jerk.
13.Rebecca Paisley - her stories made me cry from laughter. I miss her writing but she'll remain the queen of comedy for me.
14. Mechele Armstrong - since day one of our friendship she has encouraged me and always finds time to critique what I send her.
15. Same goes for Maureen (Mari Alwin) Gianino - since day one of our friendship she too has encouraged me and always finds time to critique what I send her. :)

Until later~


Yesterday afternoon Wildboy had been assigned a little weed eating. He was supposed to be helping me untangle a mess of orange extension cord. So finally having heard enough of his school adventures...exaggerating I said, "come here and help untangle this cord or I'll have to resort to beating you."

His response, "you don't know how to hit anything let alone anyone."

Humph."You don't know me boy." :)

"Sure I do Mom. You ignore flies and spiders. You run from bees, scream at the thought of a mouse." His dimple flashed in a cheesy smile. "Now a napkin should be scared of you. You always pass them out with meals to be crumpled up."

Lol...o-m-g! .A napkin!

Until later~

A moment of amusement.

This morning I told my Wildboy "your room needs to be picked up." Lol...First time ever he'd actually stuffed things between his mattresses.

"You get on my nerves when you tell me to clean my room." He grumbled as he began to organize his belongings. "Why do I have to clean my room once a week? Why not once a month?"

"Because I'm mom. Learning responsibility is important. Besides one day you'll fall in love and your girlfriend will be happy I raised a son who doesn't like living in a pigsty."

"'re crazy. Girls don't care about clean rooms. They just want you to have something cool to drive. Only old people care about clean rooms."


Until later~


I went with Megs to take lil' J to the doctor. I was entertaining him while she wrapped things up.

Well, he wasn't ready to go...He threw the book down in a fit. :) Yeah, he gets that from his mom. I told Megs to go on outside and I'd deal with the two year old.

I managed to get him to put the book back where it belonged before picking him up.

He yelled, "you're not my mother!"

"That's right buddy, I'm not." :)

He actually started to pinch me! But suddenly stopped before any harm was done and looked me in the eye. "you're not mommy, you're the boss Meme."

"That's right buddy, I'm the BOSS Meme." :D

This tickles me since Hayze (my lil' nephew) calls me mean Meme. I don't care what the little heathens call me as long they continue to respect me. :)

Until later~

Dec 20th, '09. At Debbie's 50th surprise birthday party.

Debbie's party was held at the Artcraft in Franklin IN. It's a old theatre that dates back to the 1920's.

Me. :)

Cake time. :) Melody with her mom Debbie. Yep, we sang happy birthday!

Me with Mick, & Debbie. :) Rhonda this one is for you! ;) At his encouragement...I've flirted with my gf and cousin's husband for 15 yrs now. Lol...can you tell she's yellin at me?

Two beautiful blondes. :) Me & cousin Rhonda.

Me & Jon. My friendship with Jon is... Well, we've been friends since I was a teen. :) I only have one sibling so it's extra nice that I have wonderful cousins too.

Until later~

Veteran's Day

A big Ooh-raH to my cousin Thom serving in the Marines.

My dad was a Army Veteran. He served during the Vietnam War. Mercy...:( I still miss the greatest man I ever knew.

"I’m not cryin’ cause I feel so sorry for you
I am cryin’ for me." Toby Keith

Until later~

Friday five.

1. My sis, nephew Lee, and lil' J have all had Swine flu within the last two months. What are the chances that no one else in my family gets the illness?
2. Sam Cheever challenged me to get down to a size 12 by the Romantic Times convention in the spring. This is one challenge I plan to meet!
3. Watching Making The Team (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders) has replaced The Girls Next Door as a guilty pleasure of mine. *Blush* Now don't say you don't have a guilty pleasure...
4. Movies I want to see
Hmm...I couldn't find a site for The Blindside.
Couples Retreat
Old Dogs
The Fourth Kind
Paranormal Activity
And Clooney's new film looks interesting.
5. I need a vacation. :)

Until later~