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Weekend wrap-up.

Spent five hours at the ER earlier today. The dh had to have stitches. Sigh. I came home so sleepy from waiting with him. He cut his finger down to the bone on a saw in the garage this morning. He’s okay. But the nurses were amusing. They kept asking him about the pain level.

How would you state the pain level from 1-10 compared to a leg that’s been cut off.

The dh arched a black brow. “I’ve never lost a leg.”

How would you state the pain from 1-10 compared to labor?

“Do I look like I’ve given birth?” He made me laugh especially when we were alone.

Besides being hurt at work once he didn’t have much to compare the pain to. He shattered his right hand in a martial arts competition. And once had a nail ran through a foot. He surprised the nurses when he refused to have his finger numbed up.

Nugget: I know this will sound strange but Jaxon is a little hillbilly through and through. Here's the thing...he's ten months old now and standing all by him little self! I just know he'll be walking soon. So, I thought it was time to seriously peruse shoes for the little fella. No easy task. He has great big square Freddy Flintstone feet like Nick does. So they're wide and don't fit into baby shoes easily. I already suspect he'll wear a 14 when he's grown like Nick does. Sigh. But we've discovered (like hats) J not only hates shoes but appears to be afraid of them. Up until now he’s used cloth shoes and slippers.

I had E-mail woes most of yesterday. I hate dealing with technology when it's not working right. *Snort* the notice from Comcast said, it'd be a 15 minute switch over process. Someone pass me a tissue. Guess how many phone calls I had to make? What a waste of time that was Comcast bought out Insight so my mail had to finally be switched over. Thankfully, the glitches cleared up last evening. I've still got to switch my e-mail over on all my numerous accounts. *Long suffering sigh*

My weekend was a complete bust. But I do have exciting news for Melany. :) I'll be sharing it soon enough. :)

Until later~

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