Melissa Combs (melissalopez) wrote,
Melissa Combs

Family front:

Megs: Well, I cannot believe it but she's hit a trash can. Long sigh. First she hit a tree the very day she got her license. Well, more like a bunch of drooping branches but still she scratched my pretty van all up.

Then she hit our mailbox parallel parking one morning. Smash! Crack! We had one of those heavy duty mailboxes.

Then there was the incident where she backed into our garage. Long sigh. That one was real bad. I mean who backs up without looking? BAM! Yeah, she looked once she hit the garage. Julio cursed about that one for over a month.

Then I'm sure you all remember the snow plow accident in the summertime. I still think that was one of a kind.

Anyway, she backed-up and hit my mom's trash can. And we're talking about one of those big one's the city issues you. Busted a taillight out. Long sigh...

She makes me worry so.

On a heavier note. My mom has asked my sister and I to pack up all of dad's belongings. :( We'll be doing this on Sunday. My sister feels it's too soon. He's been gone seven months now. But maybe it'd have been easier on mom if we'd already packed up everything...I just don't know. The loss is just so awful. I don't think the hole that my dad's death left in our lives will ever close.

Rentals and television.
Prison Break: Mercy I so can't stand the new bad guy they have this year! He's making me feel sorry for Gretchen and she was a complete witch last year.

Fringe: I'm still liking it!

88 Minutes: Al Pacino is so cool! I really liked this one a lot! Rent it if you haven't already. Oh, this reminds me. I want to see Righteous Kill.

Until later~

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