Melissa Combs (melissalopez) wrote,
Melissa Combs

Thursday's 13 randomness

1. School started back this week. *Sniffle*
2. Mark Harmon is my favorite TV actor.
NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is my favorite male character on television. Oh, did you know NCIS was a spin off of JAG? My dad was hooked on JAG. My mom gave me the complete series. I need to watch it to see the episodes Meltdown and Ice Queen Gibbs appeared in.
3. I read that there are four colors (eggplant, true red, Indian teal, and mellow Rose) that are said to work for all skin tones and hair colors.
4. My writing partner for Marissa Alwin has a wonderful blog entry up at TRSBLUE.
If you're interested in what men think during sex check it out! ;)
5. The fabulous Mechele Armstrong just released her 20th story! Another Night, Another Dream.
Big congratulations! :)
6. And my ultra superb web mistress celebrated a birthday this week! :)
7. Oh, and look here, my friend Corinne Davies has her first cover. Isn't it great? :) Congratulations!
8. Just read a good article. Ebook growth explosive; serious disruptions around the corner.
9. After school today although wildboy had had a breakfast and lunch he came home starving. Can you believe we're out of peanut butter and jelly? So I made him a couple scrambled eggs smothered with cheese.
10. Alyssia has to wear a gym suit to PE. *Sniffle* My babygirl is growing up so fast.
11. Has anyone else heard of the recent teens to skip high school to play pro sports?
12. I had my first ever headache. After experiencing it I really feel for Megs with her migraines. I had no idea a head could pound in such a way.
13. And just cause. :)

Until later~

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