Melissa Combs (melissalopez) wrote,
Melissa Combs

Friday five.

1. My sis, nephew Lee, and lil' J have all had Swine flu within the last two months. What are the chances that no one else in my family gets the illness?
2. Sam Cheever challenged me to get down to a size 12 by the Romantic Times convention in the spring. This is one challenge I plan to meet!
3. Watching Making The Team (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders) has replaced The Girls Next Door as a guilty pleasure of mine. *Blush* Now don't say you don't have a guilty pleasure...
4. Movies I want to see
Hmm...I couldn't find a site for The Blindside.
Couples Retreat
Old Dogs
The Fourth Kind
Paranormal Activity
And Clooney's new film looks interesting.
5. I need a vacation. :)

Until later~

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