March 25th, 2005


American Idol

I read it was important for writers to watch television and movies, as well as, read their genres. So, I've been trying to watch more. I'm surprised since I've never been a big television watcher that I'm hooked on LOST, 24, and America Idol.

I started watching the series AI because a friend asked me to watch and vote for a contestant from her home town. While my three favs are Anwar, Nadia, and Bo -- I feel for them all. They're all talented singers, with only one slot to fill.

The business of writing is like American Idol. So many talented authors out there, so few slots to fill.

Will I someday be a editor's or agent's favorite, one they'll be willing to go that extra step for, take a risk with? Will I be a début author who gets a good review the first time out? Once published, will I continue to succeed? Will I see personal growth as an author? These are my dreams. Big dreams, I admit. But, I work hard with my dreams in mind, so hopefully, I will be one of the lucky who are provided with a chance to see my dreams come true.