April 22nd, 2005



I’ve been super busy with classes. I’m wrapping up my semester before I go to RT. This means all my final projects have to be done by the time I leave.

I picked up my business cards, which I only recently learned I needed. They were way off from the design I ordered. The clerk was very nice and gave me several just incase I needed them and reordered for me. *Crossing fingers,* that they turn out right.

By recommendation, late last year I discovered a -new to me author- Beth Ciotta. I read her first story “Jinxed” and fell in love. I immediately bought book two “Charmed,” but sadly my classes kept me too busy to read it. “Charmed” is a fun, sexy read! It was just what I needed to relax me before I write my research paper for my family violence class.

I can’t wait for “Seduced” book three. I just KNOW it will be my favorite in the series! And if anyone out there in cyberspace wants to take pity on a devoted fan and give me a preview I’ll be ever so appreciative.