May 10th, 2005


Mother’s Day.

Though extremely late making an entry-- I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I was gifted with homemade, cards, crafts, goodies, and flowers. I started the day off having lunch with my mom and sister. LOL… we searched around town at mom’s favorite restaurants until we got in without a wait. Mom is as impatient as I am, if not more so.

After a special homemade dinner I went with the dh, and saw “The Interpreter.” I enjoyed the show. The dh commented it had a nice looking blond. We also saw a preview for Jodie Foster’s new film “Flight Plan.” The dh added it to our list of movies to see this summer. The dh is a big fan of Jodie’s. I will note here, that while I don’t mind seeing his favorite actresses, he avoids movies with my favorite actors in them.

For dessert we all headed to DQ. It really was a wonderful day.

I’ve been super busy critiquing for a friend. The last three or four days I’ve done little else. I sent back her last installment earlier today. Tonight, after doing a little research, I plan to take the night off and watch “House.” Dr. House is my favorite character on television. I’ve been hooked on him-- the show since I stumbled upon it a couple months ago.

Tomorrow, I’m going to let my muse lead me.