May 21st, 2005


Margie Lawson’s workshop was--

ABSOLUTRELY FABULOUS! ANYONE who has the opportunity to see Margie teach empowering characters should!

Margie’s workshop is so enlightening! I could write quite an entry on all that I learned from her presentation but, I won’t since it’s not mine to teach. Instead, I’m going to share five important points:

1. Read “Writing the Blockbuster Novel” by Donald Mass.
2. It IS okay to tell IF you show first! It helps the reader get what we want them to.
3. Use fresh writing.
4. Balance-- emotion, tension, thoughts, dialog and setting descriptions.
5. Learn craft, create ART!

The class was an incredible learning experience. I'm so glad I attended it.

I’m off to do some "creative touch-ups!" That’s Margie Lawson’s fun way of saying, editing.