June 1st, 2005


I bought--

HAUNTED by Kelly Armstrong
IF ANGELS BURN by Lynn Viehl
BEYOND THE PALE by Savannah Russe

If anyone has read them, let me know your thoughts.

I also picked up the new Romantic Times magazine and Writers Digest. I know the books will go right into my MASSIVE to-be-read pile, but my magazines I’ll read right away.

I read Angela Knight’s short story in the OUT OF THIS WOLRD anthology. I met her at RT in St. Louis when she signed it for me. She was right. It’s a darker story, but very interesting. I hope to read the other two stories in the book later on this week.

I just started reading HOW TO WRITE SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY by Orson Scott Card. *muah* to Mo. She gave it to me for Christmas.

Random thought-

What part of, “you’re accelerating faster then the car in front of you,” doesn’t a teen understand?