June 3rd, 2005


Help? Suggestions?

Okay gang, for while now I’ve been trying to come up with a neat title for my blog. No luck. Nothing grabs me and says, “pick me.” I’m in desperate need of suggestions for titles for my journal.

Give me something pertaining to a character or their lives and sure— I’ll give you something worth keeping. But, when it comes to me?

Nothing. *Sigh* At least nothing usable. Hummm… One might think, I’m not as in touch with myself as I am with my characters. Untrue. I’m comfortable with who I am. And happy. LOL… Just rather average compared to the people who speak to me.

So, anyone out there with suggestions for fun blog titles-- toss them out. I’ll be most appreciative.

I picked up two CDs today. TOTALLY COUNTRY vols. 3 & 4. Vol. 4 has SAVE A HORSE, a song this cowboy lover will never tire of. It is a GREAT dance song.

Today is my anniversary. It’s been a wonderful day. It’s been a wonderful 11 years. I wish everyone as much happiness as I’ve been given. And for those who haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. Right yet, keep looking. I know there are some keepers out there, just waiting to be caught.