June 9th, 2005



My mom was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I have been very busy with her trying to teach her the way she should be eating. She considers it dieting, but it's really more of a life change. Eating healthier.

She actually gets to eat a lot more then I’d thought she’d be able to. We have to watch the sugar level of the foods. No foods with sugars above a 10g.

My problem is— she likes to splurge. *Sigh* Daily. Mom has poor eating habits. She’d go all day long without eating and when she'd get hungry, she’d eat high carbohydrate foods. So, my sister and I have to work getting her to eat meals and snacks regularity. This will be a huge life change for her.

I’m treating exercise the same way for myself. Trying to fit more psychical active into my own life.

I feel for everyone coping with diabetes.