June 10th, 2005


A movie review of sorts:

HIGH TENSION is a slasher movie. Anyone who can keep their eyes open during the gory parts should see it. My mom loves horror films. *Sigh* I close my eyes. I admit it-- I’m a wimp when it comes to body parts flying.

Oh, and anyone who kept their eyes open during the end please let me know what happened. I was a tad bit confused at the end since I covered my eyes so much, I missed what happened. I was left blinking. LOL… and so was my mom! She covered her eyes as well. She used to do that when we were young too. Make us watch horror movies and always ask my sister what was happening.

My next question about HIGH TENSION is- was it a version of INTESNITY by Dean Knootz? Because until the final scenes it was right on except for the fact most of it was French with subtitles. Yes, I can read horror, I just can’t watch it. Weird, huh?

For a movie review of Mr. & Mrs. Smith clicked on Timezoned.

I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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