June 24th, 2005


Look at the time!

*Yawn* I should be in bed. LOL…I still can’t believe my friend Mo- the night owl has signed off for the night. I can’t believe the dh is asleep. It’s a general rule we go to bed together.

Sadly, I wasn’t sitting up late, letting my muses speak—I had a take home essay exam to complete. *Sigh* I take the multiple choice portion of the test tomorrow.

Exciting news! The writing team of Tori Carrington—is stopping in my city tomorrow at the independent bookstore! They are on a road tour and on their way to Indianapolis. I really enjoy their stories, though sadly due to my classes I’ve fallen behind on my pleasure reading.

For my friend Jenn, it’s Friday! Let’s all make the most of our weekends.
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