June 28th, 2005


Where does the time go?

We had a H. O. T. weekend. For the wicked minded, I’m talking weather. So HOT the dh said he should have stayed in Florida. Late Saturday night our area of Indiana still registered in the high nineties. We spent the day at Old Indiana Beach. There was no escaping the heat. It was Chrysler’s family day at the amusement park. *Whispers* my dh doesn’t like roller coasters. He’ll ride them once and that’s it. Oh, and I hate rides the spin you round and round. I get so dizzy. You know 24 into Monticello is a pretty stretch of land.

Yesterday, I attended a funeral with my Dad. Mom didn’t feel well, so my sister and I went with our Dad. Their neighbor of nearly 30 years passed away on Thursday. ;-( The passing has been hard on them both. Connie had been diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer shortly after Dad’s brain tumor was discovered. They were good friends and Dad was her handyman.

I can’t believe how the summer is flying by. I’m starting my second summer semester tomorrow. Just taking one class. A long Wednesday night class like last semester. *Sigh* another speech class too. I’m shy. I’m so uncomfortable talking in front of people. But, the upper level classes in the summer are few and far between.

I’m going to spend the day writing. In between loads of laundry I’ll entertain and referee. LOl… Really! I do plan to get a lot of writing done today.