July 26th, 2005


Success vs. failure.

Mercy…I don’t know about others but I sometimes have an unconscious battle with worry of these two writing factors- success vs. failure.

There are times like now when I have a few extra moments when I should be writing but, fear, keeps my muse quiet and I start to surf, do research, or deal with what seems like endless mail. *Grin* I decided to blog.

And, I know this fear is crazy. Right? The fear shouldn’t stop my fingers. I write for "me" first and enjoy every word.

Besides having the best support group in the world, I have some great projects in the works, and in my head. I love my website and what I hope will be its growth. I have made a list of agents and publishing houses I’m interested in. I’ve created a back-up list. If anyone hadn’t noticed yet, I’m a preparer and planner.

If I have some time, like, an extra hour, I used to "plug in" into my muse. But, recently by the time I settle into a story my writing time is almost over. So from now on—I’m going to work harder on jump starting my fingers. My muse. But, is there a point in a writing career authors no longer have this fear?

Off topic:

COWBOY U is on in the background. Doesn’t Judd have the nicest smile? Shawn is a hottie too. And Rocco is the best boss!

Until later,