August 1st, 2005


Is it Monday already?

Mercy...and the first day of August!

Does anyone else think the summer is flying by, or is it simply my age speaking…things to do! Things to do!

I had a busy weekend. Didn’t get as much writing done as I had hoped, but was finally productive yesterday. My goals for last week were a bust, but not entirely my fault. Simply wasn’t able to steal time in front of the computer. *Grin* this week will be different.

YAY! It’s finals week here! I finally finished reading my text books—
GREAT MEETINGS, Great Results and EFFECTIVE GROUP MEETINGS Theory and Practices. These really weren’t written for me, but I got useful tidbits from them both. My novella series and the two accompanying novels are set in the world of business. And, I assure you if I was at a writers group and a request was announced about ways to get the members talking, problem solving—well, I’d get an A.

I saw STEALTH Saturday. Great action movie…*Whisper* for those who don’t know it’s a romance too. I loved the last line in the film. Does anyone know it?

Until later…
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