August 3rd, 2005



As I’ve mentioned I’m working on Bay’s story. As I’ve also mentioned I at times struggle with it. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on Bay. I think my trouble is he’s so different from what I’m used to writing. I consider male voices one of my real strengths (or so others have told me) bad boys with attitude are normally the ones who speak to me. They are normally alpha with a sensitive streak hidden. At least they think it’s hidden.

Bay on the other hand is the opposite. Oh, he’s alpha enough, but it’s like I’m working counter clockwise to show readers the real him. I swear he’s almost shy. And mercy, does Bay have sex on his mind a lot. *Whisper* He doesn’t get it, but he sure thinks about it enough. The dh assures me I’m right on the mark, but I get nervous none the less.

So, this morning I set down and wrote the opening scene for Nikolius’s story. Sure enough, he wasn’t the least bit shy.

OT: I watched DIRTY DANCING last night. Mercy…I still love that movie. I remember when was a teen and my Mom bought us a copy. I listened to it like twelve times straight!

Until later,
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