August 5th, 2005


Happy Friday!

I’m back in my groove. My inspiration came from the most unusual place. *Whisper* I’m not saying from where yet either. Just know inspiration can come from the most unusual places. I discovered I don’t get writers block, I simply have mastered the art of procrastination. I also tend to let other characters waylay me.

I completed my scenes for my alter ego and sent them to my writing partner last week. Last night, I wrote 20 pages on Bay’s story. I’m quite proud of myself. I only took a break to pop into an IM conference a friend invited me to. She’s going on vacation for a couple weeks. I’ll miss her.

I plan to write, write, and write on Bay, until I get additional scenes from Lany to add to for my alter ego. I have a self imposed deadline for Bay’s story; I must meet it if I want to go to NJ in first of October!

Enjoy the weekend!