September 2nd, 2005


Katrina 2 ~

My heart breaks for all those suffering, for all those lost, and for all those displaced Americans.
Ray Nagin has my full support. Too bad, I’m in no position to do any more than the little I’ve done.

My heart swells with pride for those early rescues teams, the police and firefighters who’ve held their ground, the volunteers, the medical personal, the unknown heroes and for the States of Texas and Louisiana for stepping up and taking in the disaster victims.

I'm thankful reinforcements and needed supplies have arrived. I pray the rest of the stages in the Gulf disaster are handled with more speed than the first few days. I also pray for those who took from stores what they needed, stayed where it was necessary for survive are not held accountable. There is difference in taking what was needed and what was not.

(Hugs) & peace.
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