September 24th, 2005


IGO Finalist Announcement

Permission to forward granted

Indiana Romance Writers is proud to announce the finalists in the 2005
Indiana's Golden Opportunity Contest. (In alphabetical order)

Contemporary - second round judge Kathryn Lye Harlequin

Dawn Groszek "Love's Duet"

Victoria Wasserman "Lethal Medicine"

Historical - second round judge Melissa Endlich Harlequin Historical

Sherril Green "Horsewich"

Regan Loyd "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"

Mainstream - second round judge Roberta Brown, Brown Literary Agency

Donna Caubarreaux "The Devil Has Dimples"

Marissa Doyle "Skin Deep"

Paranormal - second round judge Marta Justak, Justak Literary Agency

Sharie Kohler "Once Bitten, Never Shy"

Mai Thao "The Prophesy"

Romantic Suspense - second round judge Ginal Bernal, Berkley/Jove

Kimberley Howe "One Shot, Two Kills"

Judi Romaine "Long Run Home"

IRWA would like to congratulate each of the finalists and wish them luck in
the second round. The first place finishers in each division will be sent to
literary agent Pattie Steele Perkins for "Best of the Best" determination.
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