September 28th, 2005


Hump day is here again ~

Wednesday for those unfamiliar with the term. :-) I don’t have class so I tend to enjoy Wednesdays.

What I’ve been up to besides writing, being Mom and playing wife —

The dh and I rented MIND HUNTER over the weekend. Really a must see. I bet you cannot guess who the baddie is! *Sigh* at least I was wrong.

My sister (only sibling) took me to dinner and to see a movie for my b-day. Yes, I call her my sister. I don’t think I’ve used her name in years. To think I’m the oldest. It was nice. We gossiped about our family. :-) Ate at the Olive Garden and saw RED EYE. Anyone see it? Good film!

Have I mentioned I only started watching television last year? A chapter member recommended LOST. I’ve been hooked ever since. A friend asked for several of us to watch AMEREICAN IDOL, I’ve been a fan ever since. Well, I’ve discovered some favorites on my own.

SURFACE: OK, this one I’m taping for the dh, but it’s new and is interesting.
HOUSE: Season two just started!
INVASION: another one I’m taping for the dh. He loves sci-fi stuff.
CRIMINAL MINDS: I like it along the lines of CSI Las Vegas, COLD CASE, and MISSING WITHOIUT A TRACE.

& NIGHT STALKER: (Premieres tonight) I want to give it a try. I used to listen to the old show when my Dad watched it. Loved it!

Until later~
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