November 9th, 2005



What can I say about my chapter’s retreat? The weekend was fabulous! It started off with laughter, with lots more fun until I left Sunday afternoon!

Bradford Woods is an historical Inn set back in the woods. Gorgeous scenery. Fall foliage. LOl... the twins dropped me off and spent some time making up spooky stories as we approached.

It was a neat experience. My dh has been to many martial art retreats and this was just like those except for the fact it was a group of romance writers. Large bedrooms, with several single beds. A great room for late night gatherings. A giant dinning room. A glassed in porch where tons of goodies were stored- all for the nibbling.

Alicia Rasley was honored for her life time of giving to the chapter. She’s really a great lady! And has been more than kind to me. We’re very lucky to have her. Her good friend Lynn Kerstan showed up to help celebrate her night. LOL.. Lynn sang the funniest rap song!

A tidbit for my “older than dirt” Squire pals. Several of our chapter members including Alicia are referred to as dinosaurs. LOL…

Judie Atkins read the round robin for us. Oh, mercy, talk about a fun read! And Judie is an amazing storyteller on and off the page! Mo, the hero’s name was Gabriel. Mercy…am I glad I didn’t rename him! By the time the paranormal got around to me, his name had been lost. I’d been under the impression he was nameless. I struggled with should I name him? LOL…

Agent, Pattie Steele-Perkins was the guest speaker. Another incredibly generous woman. She shared so much with us, her knowledge of the business, her heartfelt advice. I could write an essay or two on what I learned from Pattie!

It was a great weekend. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the chapter members. I‘ve attended meetings, but this opportunity really allowed us to socialize with one another. I’m looking forward to next year!

Until later~
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