November 16th, 2005


The leaves are falling fast~

Indiana had some nasty weather yesterday. First time ever I was ordered into the basement at IUK. It’s cold today. *Sigh* a sure sign winter is around the comer. It’s still quite pretty here with mostly naked trees. Still some bright colors littering the ground. I’ll be looking forward to the sun drying up the rain.

Have I mentioned we have a pet squirrel? She’s been in our yard for a few years now. We spoil her with nuts. We call her Autumn and she does tricks for us.

The weekend was productive. Wrapped up my short story with final touch-ups. Worked on a new article and wrote several scenes for Larissa. She’s thrilled. And so am I. Lany and I have cleared the half way mark for LAW”S DELIVERANCE

Oh, and I got my research together for my paper I have to write this week for my American welfare policy class.

I have quite a list I hope to get through yet this week, including a bit of fan–fiction writing. I have a CAT CAY Leo I’ve been putting off for some time. But, we’ll see anymore I get all my story writing done and write a post in bits.

OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN. *Dreamy sigh* It’d been a really long time since I’d seen it.
PRISON BREAK I’m so hooked. Some great characterization on this one.
MY FAIR LADY great musical, though I was a tad disappointed with the ending.

Until later~
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