November 21st, 2005


Everyone have their turkey bought?

We ordered ours last week. A 28 pounder from White Meat Market. This year we’re taking the turkey to my parents’ house, while my sister brings a ham. *Grin* everyone pitches in on desserts while my parents take care of the side dishes. Think of the leftovers! *Big satisfied sigh* It’s a grand holiday, prefect for stuffing oneself. But it’s the company and making new memories while reminiscing about old times that I’m really looking forward too. .

Noteworthy: Anyone read Squawk Radio?

The Grand Duchess of romance is doing a quest appearance. Virginia Henley speaks. No GUTS, no Glory. I’ve had the honor of meeting Virginia and she is one remarkable lady. *Blush* anyone who considers their heroes redeemable bastards has earned me as a fan. She also puts a lot of history into her stories which I enjoy.

Productivity: I caught up on some of my list of things to do. Ugh…It took me over an hour to clean out my deleted mail box. I really need to do that weekly. Wrote another article on websites. Wrote several scenes. Got a bit of critiquing done. Did some editing. I believe I’m going to follow my friend Mechele Armstrong and set a daily goal of a minimum amount of pages. I tend to binge write.

Film and shows: I watched, or I should say listened to several shows about Johnny Cash on CMT. My parents are big fans of Johnny. I followed in their footsteps. It was hard to avoid being raised on classic country and rockabilly. And there is just something hot about Kris Kristofferson. His voice is *Dreamy sigh* worthy.

CSI Criminal Intent. I caught it on real late while I was organizing my research paper. .

CLOSE TO HOME *Grin* It’s set in Indianapolis. Got to watch it when I remember it’s on.

Until later~

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