November 29th, 2005


A whirlwind ~

The days have flown by since the holiday! And what a wonderful holiday it was! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.

Needless to say, it wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be, but Sunday I kicked the gears up and knocked off several items on my to-do list. *Blink* I’ve noticed the list is already growing again.

Exciting news: Next Tuesday is my LAST American Musical class and we get a take home final! Oddly enough, this is my FIRST take home test.

News Flash: One of my very favorite authors Lorraine Heath will be part of a new anthology out with a new publisher next year! I think she’s been with Avon and Pocket for years. The new house is Kensington. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys. *Dreamy sigh* I do love the title.

Movies and television: WALK the LINE. Awesome film! Several family members went to the movies Thanksgiving evening. Nope, not the DH if anyone is wondering. If it’s not sci-fi or action adventure he’s not really interested. And no popcorn was bought. We were all still too stuffed.

DOG SOLDIERS *whimper* it was a Sci-fi channel movie. It was actually pretty good if you can get past it being a horror film. The DH liked it. *sigh* a lot. My mom liked it too. She’s a HUGE horror buff.

Now everyone, repeat after me! GO COLTS! GO COLTS! *Grin* and don’t forget to put your hips into the cheer. GO COLTS! GO COLTS! GO COLTS…

Until later~
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