December 9th, 2005


Eight inches

Of snow. *Sigh* we had seven inches by the time we turned in last night and woke to another one. The dh got home a bit late last night and shoveled the porch and the sidewalk to the street.

Lots of snow, but I was still quite surprised the kids had a day off. The city schools are normally the only ones in our area to trudge through it- while the county schools have delays and snow days.

I should have figured when IUK closed at the end of my class yesterday. IUK rarely ever closes. Took me nearly a half hour to get home yesterday from across town. It was so nasty out, I had Nick stay home from work. My heart couldn’t take having him travel out in it. He’s a new driver and this would have been his first time in snow alone, let alone a nighttime storm. I got a “Geez Mom, it’s only a little snow.”

Speaking of my classes. I turned in a project. I have two finals next week and one final project left to get in. I am so looking forward to graduation in May. And you can bet I’m doing the whole cap and gown ceremony.

Productivity was low, but not a complete bust considering my semester ending. I got some critiquing done, plus I wrote an opening scene for Kyrand an up coming hero. It was sad and a tough one to write. I’ve never had a story start so before, but it is an attention grabber.

Oh! I also sent my wonderful website designer some material to hopefully go up sometime early next year.

Interesting observation: When Angie and I used to race home from high school it was to watch General Hospital. My eldest daughter (Nick’s twin) and her friends race home to watch Dr. Phil. Any Dr. Phil fans? What am I missing?

Recent buys:
FORBIDDEN MAGIC by Cheyenne McCray
HARD CANDY an anthology with Angela Knight, Sheri Gilmore, and Morgan Hawke

Over the holiday I plan to dig into my to-be-read pile and make a tiny dent. The difficult part will be deciding which dozen or so to read!

WANTED mercy…I love the female officer! Quote from her, “The missionary position and a martini wasn’t my idea of a life.” Or maybe it’s a near quote. She said something like that. I discovered this show last season. I like all the leads on it.
LOST I didn’t miss an episode last season. This was the first time I’d caught it this season.

Until later~
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