December 21st, 2005


Winter Solstice

Our longest night of the year. Well, when we experience the greatest amount of darkness. *Grin* I don’t mind darkness at all. So, for me, this is a perk of winter. Snow, ice, and the freezing cold- Mother Nature can toss us more sparingly.

Mercy…Is anyone else busy with the holidays? Anyone notice schools have lots of extra activities at this time of year?

*Whisper* and I’ve been cleaning because New Years eve we’ll all gather here to celebrate. *Sigh* and I have to get a jump on it. Cleaning is one of my least favorite things. Last night, I tackled the mound that covered my desk until yesterday. *Frown* Now that I think about it- cleaning is my least favorite thing to do. Though I can’t say I enjoy wasting hours waiting in doctors offices either.

Today I must shop for stocking stuffers and fill out our holiday cards.

Productivity: I wrote the draft to my synopsis! Everyone cheer with me! I’m so thrilled to have that behind me. I wrote five scenes. I wrapped up what I had to critique. Mechele is close to the finale. I so can’t wait to see how things play out in CRIMSON"S ROSE.

And I received LAW”S DELIVERANCE back. So I’ll hit that this weekend. Larissa is a demanding heroine. The story is running longer than TORC”S SALVATION. Truthfully, Kyrand the hero in the third Soul Shifter story is very pushy. And goodness...does he have an adventure ahead of him!

Until later~ everyone enjoy the holiday spirit!