January 24th, 2006


(Warning) V word below

Well, it’s official ~
I was brought low by a cold. I am apparently a pansy and cannot handle a fever. *Sigh*

Wish me luck on catching up.

Bizarre news: I watched the tail end of VH1’s Plastic Surgery Addiction. I think that was the title. *whisper* there are people who have plastic surgery on their toes. I guess I can see that. I have a couple partially webbed toes on each foot. But, my grandmother had them too. Mercy, I spent most of my life blind, so what do I care about my toes? Thankfully the dh doesn’t have a toe or foot fetish.

But, I really can’t believe this one...see… some women have plastic surgery on their vaginas. Their inner lips actually. One lady said she wanted her’s to look like it belonged in Playboy. And we’re not talking deformities here; the doctor said it’s for vanity sake.

The thing is, I understand if someone is unhappy with a nose, or chin, or something out in plain view, but how much time can one person spend checking out their own vagina?

Until later~
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