February 13th, 2006


Monday ~

Some consider Monday the dreaded day. I’ve always been fond of Monday’s. For me…they start the beginning of a new week. At least the work week. I’m looking forward to a promising week.

Productivity, amazingly it has been high in recent days. I buckled down and finished up Larissa’s scenes at around 20 pages and sent those back to my writing partner.

I, along with a lot of help from my critique partners (((Mo and Tiffany))) cleaned up the first three chapters of Caress the Tiger. I’m sure I made them crazy. *Sigh* I’ve decided commas are a very evil thing.

I added about eight pages of depth as I added creative touch-ups. You know…I know everyone considers their critique partners to be the very best. They are all wrong! Mine are the best! Thank you, Mo! Thank you, Tiffany!

Lastly, I did some website text writing.

Plans: I hope to write a couple articles this week. As well as tackle some homework while cleaning up more CTT.

Movie: FIREWALL. I saw it over the weekend with the dh. While it was a good movie with lots of action, I’m afraid age is finally catching up to Harrison. *Sigh*

Until later~
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