February 21st, 2006


Pop-up blockers~

Now I must ask, why does my pop-up blocker program “pop-up” and tell me every blasted time it’s blocking a pop-up? *Sigh*

On the home front: I had old friends stop by over the weekend. I had a very nice visit on Saturday with them. *Waving* to Frieda and Drew. You can never get enough time with old friends.

And my eldest daughter has to have her wisdom teeth cut out soon. *Sigh* I feel for her. They started bothering her badly last week when two ruptured the gums. I never got any, So, I never had to have any removed, though I know several people who have had their wisdom teeth removed.

Productively: I marked several items off my list to do last week, so I’m thrilled. This week I have to work on Caress The Tiger and I have some new material to critique. *Grin* the critiquing I really enjoy doing. I always enjoy critiquing more than doing creative touch-ups on my own work.

Recent read: LONDON BRIDGE by James Patterson. Loved it! Patterson has yet to disappoint me.

Anyone watching the Olympics?
I’ve caught some of the aerial jumping, ice dancing, figure skating, and snow boarding.

House was very interesting last night. I really didn’t see that twist coming.

American Idol. Anyone have any favorites yet? I was glad to see Taylor made the final twelve.

Until later~
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