March 6th, 2006



Today a local hero was laid to rest. He was a soldier who died in Iraq. Apparently a homosexual hate group had been planning to protest at his funeral. It’s very sad. The group is claiming religious rights. I’m not one to use my blog to state my opinions. But, where is the group’s compassion for the soldier’s family? And what religion doesn’t teach tolerance? What real religious doesn’t show respect at a time of sorrow?

Here is an article about it all.

Today my classes officially started. I attended my GYM class today. Yep, I waited until my very LAST semester. LOL…truthfully, because I am out of shape. I’m hoping by the end of these eight weeks I can have myself on some type of exercise program.

I have a final music class that starts Wednesday. And I have some homework to turn in for a class that I took an incomplete in when a cornea transplant failed. I’ve been putting it off. I’m a little intimidated by the research paper due. I really should have had the material to the teacher by now.

Until later~