March 16th, 2006


Spring break already~

Where-oh-where is the days going?

I’m trying to use this week to get some old homework done. I took an incomplete in a class several semesters ago and have to make up some homework to collect my grade. Yes. I shouldn’t have procrastinated so long, but I couldn’t help myself. *Big sigh* I have a big research paper that is part of the make-up work. I’d been finding it intimidating. I’m much more confident in my abilities after talking to a friend over Instant Massager this past week. Thanks again, Babygirl!

Home front: I rarely ever bring up my children, because I worry with the size of the internet. And how easily information can be gathered. But, I am more comfortable speaking of my twins. Nick & Meg (17) the twins are completely different. Nick wears a size 14 shoe in men. Little Meggie has to buy her shoes in the little boy department. LOL…she is so adorable. 4’10” and a1/2 compared to Nick’s 6’.

I hope everyone notes I placed a half on just for Megs, because she used to get growly when someone forgot she is almost 4’11”. She’s finally coming to terms with the fact, she shall always be petite and fit under her twin’s armpit. LOL..I know GROSS. Nick’s friends are forever teasing her about her height difference to Nick.

Anyway, on to the news…Megs had a fender bender today. She looked down into her PURSE when she was coming to a stop. *SIGH* I had turned back to see what the youngest wanted. No damage to their car, but…she did scratch my new van. I wonder if the dh will notice?

Update: Megs has her wisdom teeth removed on March 30.

Productivity: I’m working to set goals and completing them with goal partners. Oh mercy…I have such a HUGE list to accomplish. But, goals are a good thing!

Entertainment: I thought Reece was very gracious in her acceptance speech for her Academy award.

And tell me is Kellie not just the most adorable person? LOL… tarantulas!

Ghost Whisper, I’ve been watching it in recent weeks. It’s good!

Until later~
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