March 22nd, 2006



I love living here n the Midwest where the weather is wild and unpredictable!

Some interesting news. I’ve discovered, adults can get an ear infection. I had an inner ear infection. It was a horrid week. I had what is called vertigo symptoms. I can’t believe how dizzy I was every time I moved. Of course, I moved, got dizzy and then became nauseous.

I’m much better now, but it wasn't an experience I’d wish on anyone. Considering this ear infection coming so soon after my last illness, I’m hoping I won’t be ill again for another ten years. I’m normally a healthy person. *Knock on wood*

Productivity: I’ve been setting goals for myself. This is interesting because I am an undisciplined writer. I desperately need discipline, so I’m trying to focus on my goals. It has been…Homework. Homework. Homework.
If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler.
My four reviews are finally behind me. If anyone is interested I can post them. I’m nearly done with my research paper proposal and now all I need to do it turn them in!

Until later~
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