March 28th, 2006


Goals. Goals. Goals.

In life, I have always been a goal setter. My goal was to graduate from college. I was on the extended time frame, but May 9th is the big day!

I had the goal of writing a romance. I wrote six before I learned my craft and voice. It took me three solid years of studying structure and craft. And, I know I still have lots left to learn about my craft and the business of writing.

I had the goal (and dream) of seeing one of my stories published. Ellora’s Cave bought Torc’s Salvation In December! Though the story is co-authored, it is very much a goal and dream come true. Thank you to Ellora’s Cave!

Now it’s on to reaching for bigger (dreams) goals and accomplishments, like book contracts, and a Master degree.

Thanks to Mechele my critique/goal/writing partner I’m setting up small goals. Scenes, page and number counts. So far it’s helped. I finished the research proposal and hope to get it turned in this week.

I filled out a new character profile for a new story, and I wrote a scene. LOL…so it was a busy Monday night. But, with Mechele’s help I plan to beat my bad binge writing habit.

I’m busy with creative touch-ups on a novella I wrote before I understood the structure of GMC. I keep bouncing around with a title. I’ve never had so much trouble before settling on a title before.

But take a look! Mechele turned me onto progress graphs.

The Challenge
Knight In Mismatched Armor.
Max From The Hood.
A Real Good Man.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,001 / 25,000

While the characters are the same, the story has already changed fifty percent. I think I’ll enjoy watching the bar fill up.

Until later~
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