April 11th, 2006


No pain, no gain.

*Sigh* Ain’t it the truth?

Ok, I don’t normally talk about serious stuff, but I’m going to do an about face.

As many of you know I’m married to a very fit man. A very, very fit man.

For some time now, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting in shape. *Sigh* my dh has always been supportive in everything I do. Even encouraging when I’ve tried to get into an exercise routine at home. For years he’s asked if I wanted to go running, biking, or even walking with him. Well, the walking we’ve always done often. He loves to walk on trails. So we trail hike a lot in the warmer seasons. The biking I leave to the kids to keep him company doing. Actually, with my eye sight, biking as always made me nervous.

But, this is one area that I’m not comfortable dealing with him in. Isn’t that odd? I mean we’re constantly intimate with one another, but I don’t want him to see me struggling with exercise. *Sigh*

So anyway, since my new semester started I’ve been working with a personal trainer in a sports center. She’s a slave driver. And weekly I wake up aching from muscles I didn’t know existed. Every week we add new exercises to my routine while focusing on new muscles. She also does her best to teach me all kinds of things about muscles, nutrition, and equipment.

My goal is to get into a regular exercise routine and get into better shape. This is not a weight issue. This is a health issue. Getting in shape is another goal I plan to tackle with the same positive attitude I have with everything else.

Wish me luck! And, I’ll keep you posted.

Until later ~
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