April 18th, 2006


Weather, weather, weather.

Luckily we had a nice Easter. Actually, the nicest I can recall in some time. Mother Nature actually granted us sun! Lol…well, that was the first half of Easter. At least the kids got their Easter egg hunt in! Evening brought on thunder storms. Tornado watches. Tornado warnings. More storms. Blah. It just repeated the nasty weather of previous days, weeks. I think the weather had me off my computers for three days over the long weekend.

The thunder storms and tornadoes that blew through week before last caused structural damage to my cousin’s house and split four trees in half. My Cousin Nelson’s house was hit, but his nearby neighbor’s home was completely flattened, so he and his family were extremely lucky.

Productivity over the weekend was low.

Anyone keeping up with American Idol? My Mom was bummed to see Bucky go. I was disappointed when Mandisa was kicked off. Taylor, Chris and Kellie are my faves now.

Prison break -:*Whimper* I hate being left hanging.
24 - Wow! What tension. Is anyone else dying to see the president get what he so deserves?

History of Violence - Great! I think the lead is HOT.
Brokeback Mountain - It was a very good movie. I was a little hesitant to watch it, because I had to watch it alone. But, it was a very good movie. I won’t spoil “why” it didn’t get a great rating.

Until later~
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