July 7th, 2006


On the home front:

It was a BIG day at my house.

Megs got her drivers license!

*Gulp* my baby girl can now legally drive ALONE. It’s truly a frightening thought. *Long sigh* I worry so much more about her. When Nick (Meg’s twin) got his license last year, I was only briefly fazed. Why? Because he’s male? Because he’s 6’1” vs. Megs 4’10“? Because he wears a size 14 shoe, compared to Meg’s tiny 5 in little boys’ sizes?

I suppose her small stature does cause me to worry. But, Megs is very mouthy compared to her cool and collected twin brother. I can hear shocked gasps from those who’ve met her. Truly, she is!

Unlike her twin --who has a heavy foot and has been known to tailgate-- (See I know Nick’s driving weaknesses) Meg’s gets distracted. Cell phone ringing. Hair fussing. Lip gloss applying. Song changing. Guy watching. Yes, she is very much a typical teen girl. LOl… Mercy, my bet is- the only time the child has had two hands on the wheel was during her actual drive test.


I’m consoling myself with the fact that she chose to wait until now to get her license. She assures me she ready. *Nodding firmly*

Oh, one of Meg’s best friends got her lines today, too!

Who was the comedian that joked there should be roads strictly for new drivers? Lol…

Until later~
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