July 17th, 2006


A Lifetime night.

Mercy…it has been a really long time since I chilled in front of the Lifetime channel. It’s the dh’s least favorite channel to watch. LOl…he say’s I can keep the female drama.

He puttered around the house and played games with the kids while I watched VANISHED. It wasn’t too bad. Picked up at the end.

Also, something that was worth waiting for was ANGELA'S EYES. Great television show. It premiered last night. I’ll be looking forward to it this season.

Angela is a cool character. Different. Kickbutt, but feminine. Angela may be one of the few female characters I’ve connected with. I plan to focus on her characterization more.

I spent several hours with my nephew today. He’ll be three weeks old tomorrow. The little fella is changing! His little head is getting so strong. He is a sleep fighter. He fussed and yawned. He just didn’t want to sleep. My sister said this was the longest he’s stayed awake during the day. Normally, he prefers to visit in the middle of the night. Mercy…I sure don’t miss those nights without sleep.

Until later~
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