August 3rd, 2006


Word from RWA.

Paranormal is incredibly hot.
Erotic romance is HOT as well.
Historicals are definitely making a comeback.
Chick lit is dead.
Conventional women's fiction in stasis.
While romantic suspense is still solid.

Not much has changed since I heard both Pattie Steele-Perkins and Deidre Knight's talks.

I had an absolutely wonderful time with my friend Dana. :) We chatted about men, sex and reminisced about old times while we ate some yummy meals. Did I mention Dana, is a fantastic cook? I relaxed, and for a vacation you can’t beat that! I’m looking forward to our next visit.

Well, I had planned to dive head long into some serious writing this week, but Lany and I (Melany Logen) got second edits back on Torc’s we were busy storytellers getting those back to our editor in a timely fashion.

Last night I wrote a 1000 words for a Melany Quickie, but today I can’t find the file. *Sigh* Yes, unfortunately this isn’t the first time I’ve misplaced material. I do hope it’s the last.

It’s been super HOT here in America’s heartland. Anyone else noting the heat? Storms came through last night and cooled things down a tad. Thank goodness.

Been enjoying some sweet corn on the cob!

Failure to Launch. Good. And everyone adores Matthew McConaughey. *Dreamy sigh* especially me!

THE CLOSER, what more can I say? I love the show!

Until later~
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