August 7th, 2006


Marjorie M. Liu:

I’ve got a super nice bookstore in my hometown. Robert my “bookman” is so awesome and helpful. The store sells both new and used books of many genres including classics. Saturday, I had the opportunity of meeting Marjorie at a signing! She’s supper nice! And she asked ME questions!

I really enjoyed Tiger Eye. Check out Marjorie’s site! It’s very nice!

P, I picked you up a little somethin’, somethin’.

And something really neat? Marjorie lives in America’s heartland near me!

In recent days, I’ve spent hours school clothes shopping. One of my least favorite things.

THE DESENT *shudder* if you like blood and gore with pretty good acting, you’ll like this one. I’d wanted to see MIAMI VICE, but I went with Megs and she’d already seen it. So, she picked this one. Again for a horror movie it wasn’t bad. *Whisper* I tend to jump and scream when frightened. Lol….

Until later~
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