August 18th, 2006


An accident.

Megs is fine, though she had an automobile accident. Since the twins have been driving every time they leave the house I caution them to be careful. Their driving alone worries me.

Wednesday evening was progressing like any other. Mo and I had just logged out of IM for a bit. I went to deal with house chores and get little peeps ready for bed…

Things were settling down here when the phone rang…it was frightening when I heard Meg crying on the phone. She couldn’t speak, just cried. Thankfully a woman got on the phone and said someone was needed, I’d better hurry.

The rest is surreal. Her accident took place a block from our home. She’d run down to the neighborhood corner convenience store. On the way home…her soda fell and rolled under her feet. She panicked, trying to reach it. Looked down and drifted…

I hurried down there as fast as I could. I could hear Megs crying as I turned the corner. My van was no where to be seen. I thought, Oh mercy…she’s left the scene of an accident.

But no…my van was sitting behind me -in a yard- two feet from a house. I’d been focused on her. The child had hit a SNOW plow in August. And thankfully no one was hurt.

We’re dealing with the insurance now, as well working to get my van repaired.

*Sigh* we still have two more children who must go through this new driving stage...

Until later~
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