September 2nd, 2006



Yes, even at my youthful age there is self discovery. And this one may make Mo & Tiffany gasp. *Sigh*

Now, I’ve worked very hard to break my old binge writing habit. Now, I’ve only recently discovered a new trial. When I reach, or near the end of a story I have a hump I must overcome in my writing. A huge hurtle, because at this point the end has already been played out in my head.

I first noted the problem when wrapping up my scenes for Law’s Deliverance with Lany (Tiffany) And then again when I was working on my final scenes for Ingram's Charm. But, it wasn’t until Mari (Mo) and I’ve come to the last half of Heart On His Sleeve that I realize this IS something I must overcome.

I’ve read of authors having trouble getting started in stories, I’ve also read of other authors having a mid book crisis, but my hump comes at the ending.

It’s not trouble, or a crisis I face, not even really a writer’s block, because I can see where HOHS is going. I have a scene left. Mari will take her turn and I’ll write the ending. Ta-da. But, still I can no longer say I don't ever procrastinate because I’m afraid I do.

From the mouth of a 7 year old boy.
“Mom, can you fix taste buds?”
My eyes widen in surprise. “Hmmm…why do you ask?” Did my baby burn his on something?
“T doesn’t like cake. Can a doctor fix that? Cause that’s sad.”

Lol…my kids make me laugh every single day. I need to start documenting it.

Until later~
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