September 24th, 2006


Sunday already…

I had myself another birthday which is ALWAYS a good thing! Oddly enough, I had three cakes. Yep count them THREE…and not a single scoop of ice cream to be found. Lol…and as some know- I’m an ice cream fiend

Megs and her best friend gave me a tiny cake. It was very cute and sweet…she saw the cake the dh and little peeps had given me and was like…we’ll just eat this one ourselves. I was like “HELLO” you just gave it to me...

My parents also gave me one because they only like cake from a certain store. *whispers* to my cousins…yeah, it was basically for them. lol…

In all my years I’ve never had THREE cakes before. Lol…my youngest had himself a feast. He loves cake!

It was a great birthday. I’m very lucky. And thank you--everyone for all the cards, IM’s, phone calls and presents!

Fall has arrived here in the American heartland. I made our last pot of fresh green beans this afternoon. Though, I can’t say I’ll miss snapping beans. But, Mom canned plenty so we’ll have them for holidays.

I’ve been working on a shape-shifter. I’m in chapter three now. Tonight I plan to write on a Melany project. As well as critique.

I finally finished watching the series ROME for HBO. *Sniffle* Wow, what an ending…and I’m not talking about Caesar either. We all know his fate.

Until later~
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