October 15th, 2006


A departed friend.

Life will never cease to touch me. We make a journey from our first breath. We make choices. Every day, we decide to make the most of what we are giving. At least, I hope you’re making the most of your life. And sometimes our choices put us in contact with great people. Caring people.

Just over five years ago I made a choice to enter an unknown world of cyberspace. Mercy, talk about a frightening place. I’d never heard of it, well by then, I’d had e-mail for a year or two. But, at the time I had no clue just how big, just how engaging the Internet could be.

I happened into a world that changed my life. In this world while I cut my teeth on my craft…cyberspace touched me in other ways. For you Web junkies, sure…in this world of cyber chats, e-mail groups, and role-play there were experiences I’d rather not have repeated on another individual. People sitting behind a screen can be just as unkind, or at times more so, than any nearby person.

But in life, the good times far outweigh, outshine, any bad times I’ve experienced and this is for one reason.

Caring people. Quality people. I’ve been blessed to have met some incredible people through cyberspace. And Cindy (Dee) Hamilton was one of them. Both my cyber and real world will be a little duller without her.

I’ll never forget Cindy. Not her friendship. Not her encouragement, and believe me, the Lady was a cheerleader.

I’ll miss her mischievous streak in dh chat. And how she used to count my gasps and dreamy sighs. And how she’d help me keep track of my brownie points. I’ll miss the telephone conversations, and wish I’d had more of them to remember. I loved to hear talk about Arizona in the winter time as well as complain about work at the bank. I’d listen as she talked about her cats and her dad. I won’t get to use the 800 number for a quick hello anymore. There will be no more shot glasses to add to my collection. There’ll be no more Instant Messages so we can catch-up. And there’ll be no more- what are you working on? When do I get another post? Or how’s Stone? There’ll be no more Hallmark cards telling me that one day I’ll reach my dreams. I'll miss so much more...becuase a departed friend touched my life.

When I do make it out to Phoenix, you can bet I’ll toast Cindy. And I'm sure my up-coming trip to NO will see several of her on-line friends celebrating her life. I’ll hold our friendship close in my heart.

I hope she remembers to say hello to Princess Diana for me.

God Bless