November 16th, 2006


Productively & more:

I’ve been working hard. Dark Sentinel is in the last chapters. Amazingly, I’m enjoying the clean up! Thanks again Mechele for all the critiquing!

Exciting news! Torc’s Salvation has already received reviews! Here are a few teases. We don’t have links for the bottom two yet, but JERR'S is already up on Melany’s blog.

Anita at The Romance Studio says: Torc’s Salvation is a highly imaginative action-packed adventure and erotic romance

Julie Esparza at JERR says: Ms. Logen has an appealing, inventive and passionate story. Torc’s Salvation was not at all what I expected, which is always a nice surprise if the author can pull it off. The love story is truly what shines in Torc’s Salvation and I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy a true romance.

Natasha Smith at RomanceJunkies says: I was prepared for a good read. What I got was a tremendous read with an inventive plot and wonderful characters.

I can’t express how truly thrilled I am with the reviews! I’ve gotten teary eyed. Anita’s will always be special because it’s the first! Julie’s because it was so on the mark! And Natasha’s because she said Torc’s Salvation is on her keeper shelves. Mercy…how lucky we are to have these awesome reviews! Yeah, I’m getting teary eyed again. I very much appreciate the time these ladies took to read Torc's salvation and review it for us.

Dad update: I took him to get his face mask made yesterday. It looks like something out of a sci-fi film. He also had a CAT scan and another MRI. It was a long day for him. From now on he can only use baby shampoo and soap. At least through the treatment.

Until later~
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