December 20th, 2006


Tree is up!

I know. I know. I just got it up. Actually, the little peeps and I put it up this afternoon. I also put some decorations around the living room. They’re so happy!

Life has been so hectic. Today was the last day of school for the brood. The little peeps had a fieldtrip to see Charlotte’s Web. I missed this one to care for my dad. It was kind of weird, because I’ve always gone on the holiday fieldtrip. The twins had finals! Lol…they weren’t thrilled. . But, they’re glad to have them behind them. I’ve got half of my Christmas shopping done!

Home front:
I’m rather disturbed the twins have been having difficultly making it out of bed on time since they’ve been driving to school. I’ve got to work on this by the time school starts back in January.

My dad…well, he lost half his hair. It happened so fast. Mom cut the rest off and dad shaved it. He’s not so thrilled. He say’s bald isn’t bad, but he doesn’t like the scar from where they had to remove the top of his skull last time. I told him it doesn’t look bad at all. Lol…he teased me, reminding me I don’t notice physical flaws. . My dad has one of the nicest smiles!

Dad has also lost seven pounds. *sigh*

I wrote some on Boomerang Love. Wrote a synopsis for BL. Wrote a workshop draft. And completed first round edits on Heart on His Sleeve with Mari! *Woot*

The Closer wasn’t on again! Now, why launch a new season and not give the fans new episodes?

Until later~
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