January 5th, 2007


This & that for 2006:

December total words: 15.484. I had two goals for Dec, One to critique Mechele Armstrong’s Night Journey (Great story! My favorite of the Blood Line series so far!) and two…to complete a short story titled Boomerang Love. I want to give a shout out to a couple people who helped me with research. Denise Rossetti an Australian author. Please take a moment to visit her website. http://www.deniserossetti.com/ She’s a great author and a generous person. And my dear friend Mo’s, friend Mo! :) Thank you both, ladies!

Last year -about half way through- my friend Mechele got me addicted to GOALS. Yep, goals. While Mechele encouraged me into submitting my time to goals. Chapter sister Kay went beyond the call of duty when she challenged the entire INRWA chapter. Kay Lockner is founder of AuthorMBA http://www.authormba.com/
Goals are a very good thing. Now, I have weekly goals and well as monthly goals. I encourage you to check Kay’s place out. She offers some great programs.

I met many really nice people in 2006 *waves to* those I met in Ohio, New Jersey and those I met in New Orleans, but I want to give a special shout-out for Lauren Dane. http://www.laurendane.com/index.php She’s been very kind to me since I joined EC last year and I appreciate the tokens of friendship. Lauren's a wonderful author, too! *Whispers* Lauren has one of the only blogs I read every day. Why? Because it’s easy for me to see and it’s entertaining!

My dad: Well folks…he’s completely exhausted. I feel for him. He’s progressing right along the symptoms of the radiation and chemo treatments the doctors predicted. He’s got a really nasty radiation burn now. But, on the up side…he only has six more radiation treatments left. We’ve all got our fingers crossed the next MRI will show the cancer cells have been killed and/or have stopped their growth.

My biggest accomplishment of 2006? Well, I keep forgetting I GRADURATED! I have a very nicely framed BA to prove it!

Neatest event of 2006? OMG…I got to meet Paula!

Most interesting event of 2006? Lol…BURBON STREET! Mechele, Mo... PHIL…do you remember that night? LOL…

Exciting moments of 2006? Viking's Pledge and Heart on His Sleeve were both signed! *Tosses confetti* Those will be released this year! *Getting my groove on*

Scary heartwarming moment of 2006? The twins turned 18! *Sniffle* my babies...

Sweetest event of 2006? I got a new nephew! He's so adorable and will be six months soon.

Oh, don't get me wrong 2006 had some rough, sad, spots as life happened. Dad got sick...I lost uncles and a cousin..good friends..The author world lost a great lady...and our youngest lost his hero...but, 2006 was a good year!

Now, on with the New Year! Yep, I’m exited… To see what’s ahead of me…

Until later~
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