January 10th, 2007


Whatcha think?

Doesn’t my blog look nice? *sprite salute* to the fabulous Paula! Thank you!

Well, I’ve got a blasted cold. Actually, I think I caught it from a couple of very small children. They’d been very ill over the past weeks. They go with their mother to take their grandma, to radiation. I’d been concerned with my dad catching something. But, nope he’s fine. I on the other hand am not. For the first time in my marriage my coughing drove my dh from the bedroom. He slept on the couch for a while, but finally came back to because he missed my closeness. *dreamy sigh*

We, (Mechele Armstrong) Lany and I wrote a Quickie for Melany! Please keep your fingers crossed for us. It’ll be titled BOLD BRIDE. I want to give props to INRWA chapter sister Dottie!. She did some translations for us. Thank you, Dottie! You were a great help! *Grin* That sounded Hollywood, didn't it?

I spent the better part of the afternoon researching different cultures.
I hope to make some headway on several projects over the next few days.

Did everyone, anyone watch the PEOPLE CHOICE AWARDS?
Wasn’t Hallie Berry stunning? And Queen Latifah just gorgeous?
Some awards that stuck with me.
Best funny man - Robin Williams
Robin is funny!
Favorite male actor - Johnnie Depp
Favorite male action star- Johnnie Depp
*Dreamy sigh* for Johnnie
Favorite TV host - Ellen
Favorite funny female – Ellen
I like Ellen!
Favorite TV comedy - Two and a half men
This is a funny show! I enjoy Til Death, too!
Favorite TV reality show -American Idol
I’m ready for a new season!

Until later~
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