January 14th, 2007




Above is a link for a blog entry where mislabeling is being discussed.

For some time now mislabeling has been taking place in our industry. First, I was annoyed with mislabeling of erotica fiction as erotic romance. I hate to waste money…and when I buy a romance -of any genre- I expect a happily-ever-after.

Now, over the past year I’ve personally discovered several paranormals labeled as paranormal romance. Again -let me stress- I hate to waste money. Paranormal romance should have a happy-ever-after. While paranormal fiction doesn’t require one.

Lets face it folks. Publishers know what they print. Authors know what they write. And readers –like myself- know what we read. I’ve been reading romance since my senior year of high school. My literature teacher hooked me on the happily-ever-after found in romances. I can’t be manipulated into accepting fiction with an element of romance as a romance regardless of the genre. Truth is I can be left unsatisfied with the new trend of happy-for-now.

Erotica isn’t erotic romance. Paranormal fiction isn’t paranormal romance. While I can’t be manipulated into accepting one genre for another…I can be annoyed. And as a reader –a buyer- this isn’t a state either publishers or authors should want me to be.

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